Technical details

- The structure of building  will be  made of frames and planes with reinforced and monolithic concrete;

- The stairs will be also made of reinforced concrete;

- The cover will be made of PVC membrane and circulated terraces will be made of wet or dry finishes- stone and grass terraces;

- The exterior enclosures will be made of Porotherm brick (25 cm thickness)  and the partitions between the apartments will have a thickness of 20 cm; the inner compartments will have a  11,5 cm thickness;

- The thermal system:  outer closure walls will be made of polystyrene for a 10 cm thickness façade , covered with Baumit decorative plaster, and the terrace roof with a layer of a 20 cm thickness polystyrene;

- Ceramic ventilated façade on the outside;

- The bathrooms will be waterproofed with cement-based waterproofing;

- The windows will be made of 5-chamber profiles, triple-glazed windows;

- The walls of the joint areas will be finished with plaster and washable paint;

- The floors of staircases and balconies will be finished with natural materials: marble and andesite;

- Heat plants for each apartment will be with condensation.

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